Meet Jenny

Hello! I’m Jenny, the brains behind Fuchsia Beauty. A few years ago I swapped the classroom for the exciting world of nails and beauty and launched my very own business right here in Bristol. I’m proud to offer a wide range of unique and bespoke and holistic treatments for the hands, feet, face and body. We hope to see you soon at the Fuchsia Beauty Salon. 

Fuchsia Beauty: A Potted History

In 2013, I was thoroughly burnt out. I’d worked in education for over 17 years and it was no longer bringing me the joy it once had. I wanted a change, to be my own boss and more importantly, I wanted a better quality of life.

So I took the plunge and decided to retrain as a nail technician and therapist. I swapped my whiteboard pen for nail files and primary school children for, erm, a rather large collection of OPI nail polishes! Fast forward a few years and I’ve never been happier. Today we are proud to offer a range of treatments, from quality gel manicures, pedicures and unique nail art, to relaxing facials, Indian head massages and other holistic treatments, waxing, eyelash lifts, brow shaping and much more… 

We are lucky enough to have a lovely bunch of loyal clients and we get to do what we love all day, every day, helping them to relax and leave looking and feeling sensational.  I like to think we are pretty good at it too – but don’t just take my word for it

13 Random Things

  • When I hear a song I like, I can listen to it over and over without tiring of it. I always sing along if no one else is around.
  • I have read Little Women at least 15 times.
  • I won 2nd place in a spelling competition in Year 6. I went out on the word ‘baboon’, spelling it ‘babboon’.
  • I have lived and taught in Italy and Finland and was even a lecturer at the University of Lapland. (Yes, it’s a real place!)
  • When I first watched ET at the cinema, I needed to use the toilet but didn’t because I wanted to watch the film. With hindsight, I should have gone.
  • I like the smell of petrol and creosote.
  • I used to own an imaginary horse called Champion. If you see her, let me know; she ran away when I was 12 and I haven’t seen her since.
  • I abhor fizzy drinks other than prosecco!
  • The only detention I got in secondary school was in history. A pupil threw a bottle of tippex at his friend and it hit me on the forehead, bounced on to the table and exploded all over my essay on the discovery of penicillin. I still harbour deep resentment at the teacher for my unwarranted detention.
  • I find excessive use of exclamation marks annoying and an incorrectly used apostrophe can fill me with rage!
  • I have loved Michael Ball since I was 19 years old and this shows no sign of waning yet.
  • My tonsils have been described as freakishly large and my eardrums as ‘tiny as a gnome’ both by suitably qualified medical professionals.
  • I was sacked from my first shop job for pretending to be a mannequin in the window with my friends Sian and Chris. Presumably the owners of Pinkie and Perky children’s clothes shop didn’t appreciate our creativity.
The Shape Up

Nail shaping, polish application and a moisture pack for your cuticles.

£16.00   20 minutes

The Quickie

Nail shaping, thorough nail prep, cuticle tidying, cuticle oil and a replenishing hand cream application.

£18.00  20 minutes 

OPI Nail Polish
£22.00  40 minutes 

Gel Polish
£29.00  60 minutes 

The All-Rounder

A sugar based exfoliation to soften the skin, a gorgeous hand and lower arm massage, nail shaping, cuticle detailing, thorough nail prep, cuticle oil and a replenishing hand cream application.

£22.00  35 minutes

OPI Nail Polish
£28.00  55 minutes

Gel Polish
£35.00  75 minutes 


The Ultimate

All the benefits of the All Rounder Manicure, plus a replenishing and hydrating collagen infused hand mask and heated mitts.

£28.00  50 minutes 

OPI Nail Polish
£34.00  70minutes  

Gel Polish
£41.00  90  minutes