Gel Treatments

No chips, no smudges, and no annoying drying time!

With the health of the natural nail in mind, gel colour delivers a long lasting flawless high gloss finish that is instantly dry to the touch. It really is colour at the speed of light and offers a protective coating, which is especially beneficial if you are trying to grow your nails. Providing gel polish is applied and removed professionally, you will see no damage to your natural nails and with the correct aftercare, nails will stay chip free for up to 14 days. 

Hand Treat Gel Manicure

Getting straight to the heart of the matter, this treatment includes shaping to your natural nail, thorough cuticle work and your choice of gel colour polish for smooth, shiny nails. An application of award winning ProSpa cuticle oil, a moisture pack to the hands and a short but sweet massage will leave your skin super soft.

£29  60 minutes 

Feet Treat Gel Pedicure

A perfect solution for healthy cuticles and a long-lasting mirror shine finish to your toenails. Includes nail shaping, cuticle tidying, cuticle oil and moisturising foot cream application.

£29  50 minutes

Nail Repair

Per Nail  £3.50  15 minutes

Gel Removal

Gel Removal (if applied by us and a new manicure or pedicure being done at the same time)  FREE  20 minutes 

Gel Removal (if applied by us and no new manicure or pedicure booked) £7

 Gel Removal (if applied by another salon)  £15  30 minutes

Remove & Replenish

Your gel polish is carefully removed before we shape your nails and tidy your cuticles. An application of replenishing cuticle oil to your nails and cuticles finishes the treatment.

£15  35 minutes

Maintenance and Removal

In order to prolong the life of your gel colour treatment and to keep your nails healthy and hydrated, please follow the aftercare advice given to you at your appointment. Removal of gel is straightforward and kind to your nails, taking 20 minutes and causing no damage to the natural nail. Ideally you should have it removed professionally. However, we do sell removal kits if you would like to remove the polish yourself safely at home.

Remove and Replenish

Gel polish is gently removed, your nails are shaped and a moisture pack consisting of ProSpa cuticle oil and your choice of a replenishing hand lotion is applied.

£14  30 minutes

Remove and Reapply

Gel polish is gently removed from your nails, before your choice of gel colour treatment.

£7  25 minutes

Please note that removal is free of charge if previously applied by Fuchsia Beauty and if gel colour is reapplied at the same appointment.

The Shape Up

Nail shaping, polish application and a moisture pack for your cuticles.

£16.00   20 minutes

The Quickie

Nail shaping, thorough nail prep, cuticle tidying, cuticle oil and a replenishing hand cream application.

£18.00  20 minutes 

OPI Nail Polish
£22.00  40 minutes 

Gel Polish
£29.00  60 minutes 

The All-Rounder

A sugar based exfoliation to soften the skin, a gorgeous hand and lower arm massage, nail shaping, cuticle detailing, thorough nail prep, cuticle oil and a replenishing hand cream application.

£22.00  35 minutes

OPI Nail Polish
£28.00  55 minutes

Gel Polish
£35.00  75 minutes 


The Ultimate

All the benefits of the All Rounder Manicure, plus a replenishing and hydrating collagen infused hand mask and heated mitts.

£28.00  50 minutes 

OPI Nail Polish
£34.00  70minutes  

Gel Polish
£41.00  90  minutes