Nail Care

IBX Repair and Strengthen Nail Treatment


IBX is a revolutionary and award-winning two-part system which repairs, strengthens and protects the natural nail from within. It is applied to the nail and gently heated to absorb into the nail plate. Once IBX has penetrated the nail plate, it fuses the upper layers together, making them stronger and healthier. ​ Who will benefit from a course of IBX? People with nail damage including: Peeling Splits Flaking Ridges Broken nails Thin nails Nails prone to chipping Slow growing nails. Clients undergoing cancer treatment ​ IBX can be applied on the natural nail or under a standard nail polish or gel polish treatment. We’ll create you a treatment programme dependent upon your concerns and aims.

IBX Add On (under a manicure)

£7  15 minutes

IBX Nail Maintenance

£18  30 minutes

IBX & Builder Gel Overlay

£36  60 minutes


As an ex-biter myself, I really do understand the misery of having chewed up, unhealthy nails!

When it comes to your health, it’s easy to forget about your nails but the truth is that all that chewing and picking is causing lasting damage to your digits. I’ve developed our nail care programmes to support and re-educate you, breaking your bad habits and leaving you with beautiful, strong and healthy nails.

The Shape Up

Nail shaping, polish application and a moisture pack for your cuticles.

£16.00   20 minutes

The Quickie

Nail shaping, thorough nail prep, cuticle tidying, cuticle oil and a replenishing hand cream application.

£18.00  20 minutes 

OPI Nail Polish
£22.00  40 minutes 

Gel Polish
£29.00  60 minutes 

The All-Rounder

A sugar based exfoliation to soften the skin, a gorgeous hand and lower arm massage, nail shaping, cuticle detailing, thorough nail prep, cuticle oil and a replenishing hand cream application.

£22.00  35 minutes

OPI Nail Polish
£28.00  55 minutes

Gel Polish
£35.00  75 minutes 


The Ultimate

All the benefits of the All Rounder Manicure, plus a replenishing and hydrating collagen infused hand mask and heated mitts.

£28.00  50 minutes 

OPI Nail Polish
£34.00  70minutes  

Gel Polish
£41.00  90  minutes