Nail Art

Want to stand out from the crowd? Whether it’s a subtle feature nail or a bespoke festive design, nail art is a brilliant way to inject some personality into your manicure.

I have a huge collection of nail foils, glitters, gems, stamps, chrome powders and other art mediums for you to choose from, or I can freehand paint a design straight onto your nails. If you’ve got a particular idea in mind, feel free to send it to me ahead of your appointment so I can have a think about how best to recreate it.

For nail art, prices start from 50p per nail, depending on the complexity of the design. Please check with me first and I can price up the design for you.

Hand Painted Designs

£3  15 minutes


Stamping, Chrome, Pigments, Foils & Decals

£0.75 5min per nail

£4.50 25min all nails

Glitter and Glitter Fades

£0.50 5min per nail

£3.00 15min all nails

Swarovski Crystals (per crystal)

£0.25 5min 1x crystal

£3.00 15min half nail

£5.00 25min whole nail