Callus Peel

Picture the scene: the sun comes out and you rush to put on your sandals only to discover that your feet are looking a little worse for wear after their Winter hibernation. We’ve all been there. If that scenario sounds familiar then a Callus Peel is your dream come true! There’s no need to mess around with a pumice stone or a foot file, instead gentle fruit acids melt away unsightly hard, rough skin while you sit back and relax. The best part? It’s a totally pain free treatment with absolutely no knives or other sharp implements.
Callus Peel

Your feet are placed in our single use foot bowl for a hydrating soak. Then we file the dry skin and callus before applying the callus peel treatment. Once the product has done its work, it’s removed, your feet are filed again before our OPI exfoliating sugar scrub softens the skin further. The treatment finishes with an application of moisturiser.

Why not combine your treatment with a pedicure to really pamper yourself?

£20.50  45 mins

To include Callus Peel with any pedicure (not available with the Emergency Service Pedi), please add on 25 minutes and £11 to the price of the selected treatment.