Callus Peel

Picture the scene: the sun comes out and you rush to put on your sandals only to discover that your feet are looking a little worse for wear after their Winter hibernation. We’ve all been there. If that scenario sounds familiar then a Callus Peel is your dream come true! There’s no need to mess around with a pumice stone or a foot file, instead gentle fruit acids melt away unsightly hard, rough skin while you sit back and relax. The best part? It’s a totally pain free treatment with absolutely no knives or other sharp implements.

Callus Peel

Your feet will be wrapped in a unique skin softening patch, which does a great job of softening hard and callused skin. The dead skin is then scraped off and a skin polish is applied to smooth away any remaining hard patches. The treatment is followed by a massage with a rejuvenating cream, which deodorises and relaxes the feet.

Why not combine your treatment with a pedicure to really pamper yourself?

£20  40 mins

To include Callus Peel with any pedicure, please add on 20 minutes and £10 to the price of the selected treatment.