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Spoiler alert, this blog contains some serious content but balances out perfectly with a nice cuppa and a work-based joke!

Ethical Beauty

I want to talk about something that’s been on the “global agenda” for some time now. Protecting the environment is perhaps the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced. I’ve always been conscious about how Fuchsia Beauty could be as ethical as possible . When Pete and I welcomed Florence into our lives, my understanding of being a custodian of our beautiful planet really did hit home.

When enemy number one arrived, (Covid-19 not Donald J Trump in case you were wondering!) the beauty industry was hit hard. We closed first and opened-up last. When we were eventually able to welcome you lovely people back, our Covid security had to be top-notch – quite rightly.

Even though I was over the moon about reopening, my heart sank about how much unnecessary waste we would be creating. I didn’t want to just throw away so many single-use items; masks, gloves, aprons…So I got a grip of myself and started to think about how I could take care of my team, myself and my lovely clients without unnecessarily damaging the environment.

I’d already made everyday changes like swapping our regular light bulbs to LED, swapping magazines for books for clients to read and borrow. So I carried on by looking at the different parts of the business. I thought about what I could practically change to reduce waste, recycle more effectively and create a business with a focus on sustainability at its heart.  These are some of the changes I’ve made…

Sustainable Products

  • I have moved from plastic stemmed cotton buds to a bamboo based product that is bio degradable.
  • We use the fantastic Outback Organics for our waxing treatments which is an outstanding product and vegan friendly.
  • Eve Taylor offers-cruelty free products and is a UK based business.
  • Nailchemy is a local Bridgewater-based family business, with wife and husband team heading up the business that creates beautiful cruelty free nail products.
  • If you have been into the salon recently you will have seen the lovely items I have for sale, including fabric masks made and supplied by the lovely Little Lils Creations.
  • If you use “the facilities” you will notice I have changed toilet roll brand and we now use ‘Who Gives a Crap’. Their products are made from bamboo and are forest friendly.

Reducing Waste and Energy Efficiency

  • We’ve stopped using cotton wool and now use gorgeous reusable makeup remover pads from Little Lils Creations.
  • We’re using high quality nail files, allocated to you as an individual customer, sanitised and reused for your next manicure.
  • I offer a refill service so you can replenish your empty but perfectly good bottles and pots of cuticle oil and Eve Taylor moisturiser. Best of all, if you take advantage of the scheme you get a discount on the product, so it’s win-win! Better for your pocket, better for the environment and better for my conscience!
  • We are working on reducing laundry loads; I’m looking at biodegradable linens for some treatments, single-use items like mitts will be made of natural fibres and totally compostable in 100 days.

Recycling Rubbish and Repurposing Products

I try and pass on products, perhaps older stock or coming to the end of shelf life to local community groups. This year I’ve donated surplus hand cream sachets to the BRI. Let’s face it, a simple thing like helping to moisturise hands which are constantly being washed and sanitised can hopefully make a difference to morale, however small.

Inevitably, we will always generate waste in the salon, even if we keep minimising the volume. It doesn’t sit well with me that what’s left would go into landfill. I did a bit of research and found Professional Hygiene, a local company who put rubbish to use. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure…yes even those used waxing strips!

Professional Hygiene take anything I can’t find a way to recycle, to their facility in Avonmouth. Lots of items are turned into renewable energy which currently powering two hospitals. They take ALL of our foil nail removal wraps. Aluminium is one of the easiest materials to recycle yet until recently only 1% of salons recycled it!

So when you book in for your waxing at Fuchsia Beauty, short of me updating Becky and Kath’s job descriptions and asking them to tweezer each of your individual hairs…this is the most guilt free hair removal treatment you’ll experience!

Work in Progress

I haven’t got to where I want to be yet. It’s an ongoing process and I’m always looking to move towards truly conscious beauty. I’ve got a couple of things in the pipeline, for example I’m looking at training the team in another method of hair removal which produces minimal waste. Once we reopen (AGAIN) I’m going to be asking you to bring in your own mug to the salon so you can enjoy a nice cuppa without us having to use horrible single use cups. By enjoying a cup of cha you will be helping the environment twice over because as you may not know I am extremely green fingered and a master-gardener (she lies through her teeth)…well maybe I’m no Charlie Dimmock but I am starting composting in the new year, so your old tea leaves will be put to good use.

Give us a hand

As well as enjoying a cup of tea in your own mug, how else can you help us at the moment? Why not have a look at our locally sourced products, they make lovely Christmas gifts. 

…and please don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us about how we can do more to work with the environment and our local community at Fuchsia Beauty.

P.S. Don’t mention this to Becky or Kath but I have sorted out our work’s Christmas-do…I’ve booked a tour round the afore mentioned industrial recycling plant at Avonmouth. They can’t say I don’t spoil them…I promise to share the before and after pics; before, all masked up ready for a guided stroll around Professional Hygiene and after, when I treat them to a takeaway prosecco afternoon tea. Oh how they’ll laugh…

Lots of love